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If you are looking for a well-curated selection of famous designer collections for male and female, and want to get exclusive tutorial content.

Moreover, if you are amateur and want to explore the new collections of designers and reading celebrities’ articles and to know about talented people then you are in the RIGHT place, The answer is SSENSE.

ssense shopping tips

Founded in 2003, SSENSE is an eCommerce and brick and mortar luxury and streetwear retailer that is based in Montreal, Canada. It incorporates over 114 countries, proving all kinds of luxury product purchasing, a one-stop solution for all fashion lovers.

SSENSE official website operates in French, English, and Japanese and you can select any country from preference option according to your taste.


Shop From The Business Of Fashion:

It just started over with a thesis project and initially, the owner Rami Atallah converted this plan into a successful e-commerce retail store, where people can shop many known brands with the product they wish and desire for.
It deals in Men & Women’s wear, with streetwear items.

They provide a solution for all the people and consumers who love to Shop high-end streetwear fashion products, majority brands associated with them, having a vast range of high-end products for the consumers, easy to purchase, and delivered on time.
Men’s category here is known for the 30th leading global menswear retailers in the world by the Italian Prime Minister and The Business of Fashion, labeled in 2014.

Men’s wear category has various brands and designers under it to shop, if you click you’ll find the list on the left corner of the website.


What SSENSE Offers?

Their most well-known selling brands are Alexandar Wang, Adidas Originals, Aries, Asics, Burberry, and Converse, but it also serves with the platform of operating outside the confines of the traditional fashion sphere with progressive buyers.

Connection to strong editorials and articles of art, music, and fashion creativity, with the amazing sophistication of high-end fashion and streetwear.

Editorial Collection:

With the addition to all the purchasing articles and products on the website, they provide with an editorial on the website as well, which depicts cultural editorial. 

This connects people with the reality and enhances their reading profiles; then stories shared by SSENSE create a sense of likeability amongst the consumers who read articles, editorials, and stories on the website.

Fashion editorials, it’s a good engaging editorial section where fashion has been related to the product line designers or brands are offering and is much in demand, just as; “The Gentrification of Sneakers is So Fake It’s Real.” And then talking about art and artist; SSENSE has got all sorts of editorials to read on.

SSENSE has an Editorial section that gives additional information and storied related to the current fashion, creative art, and music with sophisticated information and stories about high-end fashion.


Why choose SSENSE?

Satisfactory Customer Service:

SSENSE has features that are helpful for all the visitors and customers to stay on the website and hop their favorite brands or participate in programs.

Customer care is the foremost satisfactory element for SSENSE to cater. They currently employ 500 full-time staff, which enhance its productivity more, with engaging with brand promotions, customer satisfaction, deliveries, and all sort of order placements for the brands.

SSENSE is legit:

SSENSE is legit, they deliver the authentic and original product of the brands they offer, so you don’t have to worry about the product you will get what you will order like brands like Givenchy

They also got some big brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Nike, Ray-Ban, and many more.

SSENSE Rating:

According to Sitejabber, SSENSE  has 3.69 ratings out of 5 from 832 reviews which shows how much customers are happy and satisfied with the customer service they offer.

ssense ratings by sitejabber


For all shopping lovers, SSENSE proudly gives different shopping offers. So, if you are looking to get some discount click here to get SSENSE online sale. You want to explore more deals than goto SSENSE Coupons

SSENSE Shipping Policy:

Their standard processing time is up to 2 business days, which starts after the package is delivered out of their warehouse. They deliver with DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS services if they are shipping in the United States, and provide tracking information for all orders.

Currently, they provide services in 150 countries and generating an average of 76 million page views monthly.

International Group A: Argentina, Bahamas, New Zealand, Philippines, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Chile, El Salvador, Grenada, Guyana, Iceland, Belize, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Morocco Singapore. Free shipping on orders over $350 and also $25 on other orders


ssense shipping policy


Track your order status by clicking here.


Return and Exchange policy:

Yes, SSENSE offers free returns & exchanges. To initiate a return for the product, you have to submit a return authorization through the SSENSE account, also you can contact their customer care team to assist you the best.

SENSE makes sure to follow the strict no-paper policy to reduce waste items. This is the reason why shipments do not include a return slip inside the box.

SSENSE does not cater to direct exchange, we prefer to ask the merchandisers for a full refund and tell you to place another product order at your earliest convenience.

For Guest Users, to apply for a return or exchanging policy, the consumer or visitor needs to make an SSENSE account to avail of this, and alternatively, you can connect with the customer care team as well.

ssense return policy

Initiate your return by clicking here.


Order Cancellation:

Modifying or cancellation of the order is possible as long as the merchandiser didn’t make the product ready with packaging or being shipped.

For assistance, SSENSE customer care service center is available 24/7, so the consumer or visitor can easily contact them, in case of cancellation as well, the team will guide accordingly.

Delivery Time:

Once the order is being placed, a confirmation email will be sent on the given email address, it will be an invoice of the purchase which is being done by the consumer with the order number mentioned.

Standard processing time approximately up to 2 business days required before the shipment is out. Order placed after 11 am will be processed the next business day, and orders placed on weekdays or holidays will be processed on the other working day starting from 8 am.

Once the order is being shipped, an email will be received containing the tracking number, in which consumers or visitors can easily track the delivery of the order.

Size Specifications:

SSENSE gives an easy on going size selection to the consumer while purchasing the product so that once the consumer has received the order they must not face size issues.

It’s easily accessible on the selection page of the product which has, convertible size conversion into the international size chart, size-specific measurements given already, size of the product or garment worn by the model with their specific measurements and fitting.

The customer care center is open 24/7 for assistance.


Access to the site:

SSENSE can be used anytime 24/7 by the consumer or visitor unless there is no restriction by the site owner for temporarily down or maintenance of the website.

Registration on the SITE is done by the costumers, while they have been given the full liberty to create an SSENSE account or not. Customers will be asked for the prior personal data information from the SITE, for registration which will be kept as customer data by the SITE.

The customer also undertakes with the SITE of receiving genuine and original products from the listed brands.

Find Pricing:

As it’s easy for the consumers to generate pricing into any currency or language; it also allows consumers or visitors to freely visit the website, without any additional pricing.
Brands and Domain Names:

Customer Data privacy:

All customer data is safe and secure with SSENSE, however, consumer creating SSENSE accounts must follow all the terms and conditions following the rule of making the account and also to secure their passwords from the other person. In case of any unauthorized person using your account.

Please notify it to the customer care center immediately. SSENSE protects the consumer’s privacy policy according to all lawful requirements and need, the one who is completely satisfied with the services and secured information.


If you want to earn through the affiliate program then you should be aware of its program. They are a well-known high-end fashion platform is globally known for its curated selection of over 500 brands which includes Balenciaga, Maison Margiela, Saint Laurent, and much more.

They invite well innovative, creative, and Avant-grand websites, blogs, and influencers from around the world to join their Affiliate Program.

It’s a platform for all the brands, bloggers, influencers in which they can earn the commission once any customer or visitor makes any purchase from them. Click here to join the SSENSE affiliate program.

Benefits of Joining an Affiliate Program:

Working for Affiliate Program is like you need to access the product and catalogs present on SSENSE, to promote new arrivals, and seasonal collection.

  1. It’s free to join
  2. 30- Day cookie window
  3. Competitive commissions on all approved global sales.
  4. Getting pay-outs on bi-weekly or monthly in any currency applied.
  5. Commissions approved after 60 days.
  6. Multiple languages and currency criteria are available.

Contact SSENSE:

You can contact their customer service by,

Toll Free +1 877 637 6002

English +1 514 600 5818

French +1 514 700 2078

Contact them by Email.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Connect with SSENSE:

Facebook: Follow Now

Instagram: Follow Now

Twitter: Follow Now

Youtube: Follow Now

Brands Connected With SSENSE:


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