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Fashion sense has been evolved from the past few years. It is something people use to express themselves and let their creativeness come through. Every decade has a trend that people think of as soon as they think of that period in time. The surroundings, the atmosphere, and the influence of the people have let many trends pop in the fashion world, & brands like Reiss did an excellent job in building the new trends.

Surrounding people never get tired of using new and trendy looks to fit in the circle and due to which many brands have changed and developed recently according to the desires of the people. With changing trends in fashion, almost forty decades later fashion trends from the ’80s and many other decades are making a comeback.

Created in 1979 by David Reiss, Reiss has developed into a powerful brand offering stylish clothes at affordable prices. 2006 proved to be a successful year for the organization, where it achieved £6.8 million in operating profit and sales of £44.5 million. Currently, it has 39 stores worldwide and is expanding rapidly.

Reiss is an ideal online brand for both men and women. It only caters to the collection in regards to men and women and produced such masterpieces which astonish the customers and they eventually buy it. Reiss knows how to play with people’s minds and in-market industry, it produces such apparel which ultimately attracts the customers.

Thanks to its photography of the artists wearing clothes which leaves an impact on the people’s minds and thinking. It lays with colors in the background while photographing the designer clothes which leads people to have thought over there collections. As it is a Britain based store, the traditional of Britain and its culture can be seen in the dresses of this brand.

Because of its uniqueness, Reiss has won several awards such as the best Fashion Retailer award, etc. they too have opened stores in many countries, the interior of the stores give a glance of British heritage and culture. The stores are built with excellency and elegance and even the windows and counters of sops give a brand its exclusivity.

Reiss describes itself as a global affordable luxury apparel brand that trades and does business from 160 stores, concessions, and franchises in 15 countries including the UK, USA, France, and Germany as well.

Find The Best Online Shopping Features At Reiss:

As it only deals in men and women apparel, the collection produced in both sectors is phenomenal. The designs are extraordinary and are being designed according to the thinking of the people which they preferred in wearing. The collection consisted of different units which are for men and women. The colors added in the collections are lively and vibrant and are even according to the seasons. For summer, vibrant colors are being used with beautiful floral prints for women especially. As for winters light and dark colors are being used which shows the coming of the season. Even with the peppy and trendy dresses, formal suiting is also available which helps in selecting such dresses to make the individual more presentable. Such fashionable products are being manufactures and implemented which goes with the following trends and traditions. But still, the collection shows the touch of Britain’s Culture. However with this, in men collection, a touch of sophistication and elegance has been observed. It showed that what men prefer and what they need to wear to look more classy and presentable. Different accessories are being designed with men and women adding colors of life and joy. It gives a complete picture that what men and women should be wearing to make themselves complete.

Wedding Shop

Looking for attire to attend a wedding? Here is the solution to your problem. Reiss is offering a wide range of collections exclusively for weeding purposes. It includes all the attires needed by people to attend a wedding. Not only white and pastel colors are being used, but different colors such as dark ones are also being added to give it a wedding touch. The molding of western attire by this brand is being done on a high level with perfection and which satisfies the need of the customers.

FAQS A different section is allotted in which frequently asked question by the customers which are being asked is answered to provide them satisfaction regarding the company policy. Questions such as payment method, personal security, ordering methods are being asked by most of the customers which is an address formally. This section provides immense information that helps a customer in believing the brand policy. Different questions are being catered which arise form the customers such as website security, account signing details, purchasing and canceling of the products methods, about the delays in delivery, etc.

Payment Methods

Following are the methods of payment accepted by Reiss

· Amex

· Maestro

· Mastercard

· Visa

· Visa Debit

· Visa Electron

· Paypal

· Reiss Gift Card

Following are the currencies in which customers are being charged :

UK – GBP £








HK – HKD $


Shipment and Delivery

As Reiss delivers and does its shipment in a different region, the website consists of immense information regarding its international, UK, and USA delivery. Questions frequently asked about the deliveries have been answered formally. Its corporation with DHL as a shipment partner has allowed customers to have a firm belief in its delivery and shipment.

Gift cards

A Reiss gift card can be used to avail discounts and prices at their websites and these gift cards cannot be refunded and exchanged with others because it then breaches the privacy of the customers. These cards have a long time guarantee and are usually expired within 24 months

Editorial Section

Reiss has developed an editorial section and Brand section which dignifies it is important. Beautiful and eye-catching statements and papers have been established which increases the interest of the readers and the customers visiting the website. With this, a brief introduction about the brand has been given which gives the insights of the brand and develops the interest of the customers.

Personal Tailoring

Reiss has recently launched a personal tailoring program which allows the customers to make their outfit. Yes, you heard it right, it will provide you an opportunity to design your outfit, the dream outfit which you always wanted. Here the customer has to full the 19 steps of customized outfits in collaboration with the tailor provides. The customers will have the opportunity to select the fabric from over 300 options and guide the provided tailor to make your outfit. Here the brand has not limited the customers in terms of choices and they can choose whatever they want to look perfect and presentable.


To cope up with the situation, Reiss has formulated its policy to provide the best to its customers. They have reduced their prices too much extent which will provide relief for its customers. Moreover, regarding the delivery process, they have stated that the shipment of the products could be delayed to 1 or 3 days

after placing the order. For precautionary measures, they have closed down their stores to prevent the person to person contact and even applied all the necessary precautions guided by WHO in its warehouse and manufacturing sectors to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

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