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Glasses are the ultimate accessory, but really you can wear them all year long. Living a luxurious lifestyle is a concern for every individual who lives their life up to a certain level of credibility and class. Ray-Ban is one of those brands who full fill the needs of those individuals who live their lives with class and accept trendy and classy things for their wardrobe and dressings.

Ray-Ban is an American founded Italian based brand of luxurious sunglasses and eyeglasses created in 1936 by the American company Bausch & Lomb. Ray-Ban is known for its exquisite wayfarer and aviator lines of sunglasses. Its headquarters is located in Milan, Italy. Its target is to achieve all those customers who are brand conscious for their lifestyle in showing class while styling themselves.

They provide a variety and type of sunglasses and eyeglasses which an individual would like to wear in their daily life, match with their face cut, their style persona and their wardrobe, the clothes which they wear, the preferences are to match their wardrobe styling on daily bases.

Their product line is available in different styles, frames, and lenses, including polarized sunglasses. It has a number of unique attributes to attract your style!

The Creation Process at Ray-Ban:

All Ray-Ban products are kept under a unique creative process which lets them stand out of all. Sunglasses and Eye Wear are made of the following step by step process in which it starts from design to the final perfect quality check.

The shades are made in different materials such as acetate, titanium and hypoallergic metal, all of them sustain rigid control to transform them into best sunglasses in the competitive market.

The steps taken by Ray-Ban to create the finest product aims to reach the perfect style, functionality, and comfort that distinguish Ray Ban all over the world.

It is the best brand to gift to your loved ones as well. While being style-conscious about yourself, you can gift it as the best selective brand gift for others. You can “never fail” to gift Ray-Ban! Ray Ban’s iconic sunglasses and eyeglasses are a declaration of style and attitude.

Online Shopping Features At Ray-Ban:

The website is very simple as compared with other E-commerce website. You can choose your country before you start shopping. Here is an option to choose countries according to the continents. You can shop the latest sunglasses & eyeglasses, & find the store by store locator.

ray-ban sun glasses and eye wear

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Line:

Ray Ban’s most popular and in-demand sunglasses are Wayfarer and Aviator models. During their 1950’s, Ray-Ban released Echelon (Caravan) which had a square frame, opting for those who have got a unique face cut. Then later on Olympian I and II were introduced, they become popular when Peter Fonda wore them in 1969 in a film.

The company with time has produced several special edition lines, such as The General in 987, bearing the same similarity as the Aviator worn by General Douglas MacArthur during the Second World War.

The following are the popular special lines of Sunglasses introduced by Ray-Ban which are known for its class and cuts. With their perfect combination color and style.

Aviator, Wayfarer, Erika, Round, New Wayfarer, Justin, Clubmaster, Oval, and many more, these editions are the most popular used by the consumers.

ray-ban Aviator, Wayfarer, Erika, Round, New Wayfarer, Justin, Clubmaster, Oval,

What’s Hot; At Ray-Ban:

Ray-Ban produces a number of classy variety of sunglasses all over, which matches the consumer and their individual personality easily. Building up their brand persona and style, Ray-Ban has a good taste in quality and unique styling. Meteor and Oval Evolve is the hot-selling at Ray-Ban, following the latest trends.

Meteor and Oval Evolve

Special Collection:

With unique selling products with style and class has introduced special collections for its consumers which is; Titanium Collection and Clubmaster Metal.

Titanium Collection Made in Japan:

Titanium Collection, made in Japan, forged in titanium from the incredible Japanese craftsmanship. Their Ray-Ban icons are reborn today in a new form with the stronger credibility and lighter than ever.

Titanium Collection

Titanium Collection comes in three different categories, which have more products in every category mentioned, such as; Aviator Titanium, Caravan Titanium, and Round Titanium.  They all have different attributes,

Aviator Titanium; Made with the unique strength of titanium and molded with the life force power of water.

Caravan Titanium; its conceived through earth and spirit, made with the finest materials, with perfection.

Round Titanium; the design is unique in its way, shaped into ancestral geometries, worked with the best attention to detail.

Clubmaster Metal:

Clubmaster Metal is a fashion statement, for which sunshine is not necessarily required, because these sunglasses enhance your natural radiance turning night into day.

clubmaster metal

Shop Ray-Ban Eyeglasses:

Ray-Ban with its unique product line in Sunglasses also ace at eyeglasses as well. Letting people wear its classy and trendy eyeglasses makes Ray-Ban unique and trendy.

With increasing trend and style, Ray-Ban has introduced several eyeglasses editions as well which suits every face cut, matches the persona of an individual who loves to style themselves in a unique way. Ray-Ban will never let its customer feel odd or out of fashion when it comes to eyewear.

Eyeglasses have been characterized as a unique point of view of a consumer to feel proud of. The edition of eyewear gives an authentic look to your style and face, and one can never go wrong by wearing Ray-Ban.

ray-ban eyeglasses

The following are the categories for eyewear, in which an individual can choose easily, with their respective eyesight numbers. Club Master Optics, Round Metal Optics, RB7151 Hexagonal Optics, Hexagonal optics, Aviator Optics, Erika Optics, Wayfarer Ease Optics, Aviator Gaze and much more in addition to it, every category has several type of eyewear, one can choose easily.

Shop Glasses For Kids:

They also have the junior section, on their website. You can buy all the latest iconic sunglasses and eyeglasses from here.

ray-ban kids

Store Locator:

They provide the ease of store locating on their website here, by just entering your city name with the nearest location. Making you feel at ease and buy your personified product from Ray-Ban, it is user friendly to locate the store.

You’ll get the options nearest available to you, whether a retail store of them, a certified premium store, or any certified store which allows or permit them to keep the products.

Ray-Ban Discount & Promo Codes:

Looking to get some savings on sunglasses & eyewear optics? Goto coupon outlet and find the latest Ray-Ban Coupons.

Privacy Policy:

Ray-Ban closely focus on its privacy policy while keeping everything under the loop of its customer so that they can build more customer satisfaction amongst all.

Types of Data:

The site exclusively fetch and process personal data  (Which is provided by the visitor or consumer) such as biological data, IP Address, email address, phone number, data relating to preferences, personal images, portrait or voice, with their express, exclusion of any sensitive data.

Data Processing Purpose:

Keeping all the regularities and authority of the personal data, the process is being used to fetch email to the customer for an updated newsletter regarding Ray-Ban. It is used to enable the creation of a personal profile and log on to the reserved sections of the website the consumer visited. The data is also used to fetch SMS and other phone details to keep you updated with the products.

Report Fakes:

It’s a unique feature at the Ray-Ban website which allows a customer to report any fake product or store online if someone spots it in the location. With this, it’s easy to track the fake products and locations which sell without Ray-Ban original authorization. The data collected from the section is kept safe with the privacy policy of Ray-Ban.

Mobile App:

You can download their mobile app from here.

Connect With Ray-Ban:

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