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Fashion is the most top priority of every individual! People now days are looking for ease options to just shop their favorite article or product while browsing at home and getting the best finest quality. H&M is known for its fashion platform for all fashion lovers.

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz AB) is Swedish Multinational clothing retail, a dream come true retail store for men, women, teenagers, and children. It has got all the categories and products one can die for. As of November 2019, H&M operates 74 countries with over 5000 stores under various companies and brands. It is mentioned as the second-largest global clothing retailer. The company with the physical location over worldwide, it also has a significant online presence, with operating its online shopping available in 33 countries.

With having its store located worldwide, H&M has proved itself in the retail market. Expanding itself in Asia and the Middle East, it launched itself in the concept stores including COS, Weekday, Monki, and Cheap Monday. It was also ranked amongst the twenty-first most valuable global brand, making itself the highest-ranked retailer in the survey.

H&M is known for the best fashion shopping stop for every individual, having all sorts of categories aligned under every section, Men, Women, Kids, and teenagers. It is the best shopping sphere where one can get the desired style of products and articles for its wardrobe. The customer relies more on H&M products as it serves the best quality product.

Starting from the women’s top to catering till Swimwear and other nature affiliated household accessories, all you can get under one roof, with its exclusive pricing strategies.

H&M is a family of brands, driven by the desire to make great designs available to everyone in a sustainable way. H&M together offers fashion, design, and best services which enables people to be inspired and to express their style, making it easier to live and fill in the wardrobes by the best attires. Living more circularly.

H&M success:

H&M has always been in the limelight of the marketing and advertising world. Collaborating with celebrities and other well-known people is a unique USP of H&M. they have launched another collaboration with the pop star Madonna. Then in 2007, the company launched the collaboration by the Italian designer Roberto Cavalli. They also halted their leather purchase from Brazil in response to 2019 Amazon Rainforest Wildfires. H&M has many success stories that inspire everyone around the world, making it a more trustable brand of all.

H&M and Brands:

In addition to the H&M brand, the company has launched five different brands under them with separate concepts; naming COS, & Other Stories, Arket, Monki, Cheap Monday, Weekday.


The platform of COS is all to offer reinvented classics and wardrobe essentials for women, men, and children. Designed specifically beyond the season with quality and timeless designs. COS collaborates with emerging artists, studios, and galleries globally. Creating unique brand projects alongside seasonal fashion collections. COS, catering to its store in Russia in 2018 and expanding it wisely to china where it received a very well response over the e-commerce platform. With 290 stores worldwide, COS stands unique at its position.

& Other Stories:

This is a brand of H&M characterized differently which offers a wide range of shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products, stationery, and ready to wear for women. It is present with 70 stores in 17 markets in Europe, the US, and Asia. In 2018, & Other Stories launched its new product category – hair care, inspired by Los Angeles. The idea behind this brand was to create a store that stands alone in the category of “Beauty brand” within H&M.


With the new brand idea and diversification, H&M came up with this brand “Monki” which is a storytelling brand that offers great fashion at competitive prices, aiming to be kind to the world and people in it. The brand offers Scandinavian cool with creative street style and bold avatar look attributes being brave friendly and fun-loving while empowering women to stand up for themselves.


The brand is a Swedish denim and fashion brand influenced by the youth culture and street style. It currently ships to 18 countries offering a unique retail experience and a curated mix of women and men’s, accessories assortments as well as a small selection of external brands. Weekday has been a part of H&M since 2008.


It’s a modern-day market offering all kinds of essential products for men, women, kids, and home items. Arket’s mission is to democratize quality through accessible, well made, durable products, designed to be used and loved forever.

H&M Magazine:

With entertaining customers with its best products and categories, H&M provides the magazine for its customers to have a look over the latest Fashion, Culture, and Beauty. With providing the best services and a large number of products and categories to purchase with, H&M never fails to keep its customer updated.

Loyalty Program:

H&M has the best super feature for its customers and visitors, “The Loyalty Program” which builds trust and brand loyalty for H&M amongst the people around the globe. H&M offers its clients top try the product first and then they can pay later. For that, the consumer or the visitor must be a member of H&M, provided on the website. It’s a unique feature where H&M builds customer trust and satisfaction, and people tend to rely more on H&M.

With this unique feature, H&M gives several benefits to its members and customer, such as;

  • Points of shopping $1=1 point, for every 200 points you will get a $5 reward.
  • Provides welcome offer; 10% off on next purchase
  • Exclusive offers and discounts
  • Free online returns
  • Birthday offers exclusive gift cards.
  • Shopping events just for members
  • Digital receipts; one can trust and rely completely on upon.

The program is completely digital and it offers apps for android and app stores.

Its terms and conditions are very easy to go through it. It gives a free chance to join the membership of the loyalty program and enjoy many benefits mentioned.

Divided Category:

H&M provides a “Divided Category” on its website where a member can avail of a unique offer while shopping. It allows to have all sort of categories for women and men and kids which gives exclusive offers, such as 15% OFF everything + extra $10 off for plus status.

Gift Cards by H&M:

How beautiful is it to gift someone a special H&M birthday card! This feature makes H&M unique and stands out of all. Surprise someone with the gift they want. Select your favorite design, and then you can add a personal message and choose the amount. It offers E-Gift cards, Gift Card and you can check Balance as well.

Terms and conditions are being strictly followed by H&M over the gift card section. Once the purchase is done for the gift card, the order will be processed for the delivery. The payment accepted by H&M is only by credit card.

Delivery for the H&M gift card will be done within 5-10 working days. If you purchase an E-gift card, the card will be then delivered to the address which you mention after the purchase is complete.

The maximum value of the Gift card is $300 and a minimum of $15, which makes it easy for the customer to select their desired Gift Card amount.

Additional Category; “Inspired by Nature”:

H&M with its unique and numerous categories under several brands also runs campaigns that attract its customers who are nature-loving and would love to purchase such items that are nature related. Such as products related to home, inspired by nature, having different tropical patterns and designs. Trending with the latest weather season, bring on summer with the tropical patterns, fun accessories, and nature-inspired designs.


Unique feature and section provided by H&M exclusively for students. Now they can get befits from H&M by having a 20% student discount. Nothing could be much easier!





H&M provides various shipping packages and offers, to ease the clients purchasing and delivery processes, worldwide. They have vast features and exceptions for the amount of shipping, but the foremost shipping feature is; Free ship to over $40 purchase.

It’s more easy and profound to track the parcel. Once the order is being placed you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking code and receipt.

Return and refund policy:

H&M has several different policies for return and refund. Once the person purchases the article and if you want to make a return of the article without receipt then photo ID will be required it will then be exchanged with looking at the current activities.

Customers who have purchased online and want to have a return or exchange, they can easily visit the H&M store and can claim their exchange or refund. For free return and exchange, it should be done within 30 days with the e-receipt generated. After 30 days you have to return the parcel by mail.

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